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1 Haziran 2016 Çarşamba

Reader at Work

My name is Catherine, but I'm called 'Kate' by my friends. I live near
Leeds, in the north-east of England. I'm a dental nurse. I work for a young
Australian dentist. He's very nice and he's a very good dentist, but I don't
like my job very much.
My sister is called Bianca. She's married with two children, a girl and a
boy, and lives in a house near London, in a town called Enfield. She's a
teacher. She teaches in a big school in the north of London. She likes her job
very much.
My brother's name is George. He doesn't have a job. He's unemployed.
1. What is Catherine called by her friends?
2. Where does she live?
3. Does she live with her sister?
4. What does she do?
5. Does she like her job?
6. Where is the dentist from?
7. Does Catherine like him?

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