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23 Mayıs 2017 Salı

writing in history / tarih yazımı

writing in history

"For artifacts
• When and where was the artifact made?
• Who might have used it, and what might it have been
used for?
• What does the artifact tell us about the people who made
and used it and the period in which it was made?
For art works (paintings, sculpture, and so on)
• Who is the artist, and how does the work compare to his
or her other works?
• When and why was the work made? Was it commissioned?
If so, by whom?
• Was the work part of a larger artistic or intellectual movement?
• Where was the work first displayed? How did contemporaries
respond to it? How do their responses compare to
the ways in which it is understood now?
For photographs
• Who is the photographer? Why did he or she take this
• Where was the photograph first published or displayed?
Did that publication or venue have a particular mission
or point of view?
• Do any obvious details such as angle, contrast, or cropping
suggest bias?
For cartoons
• What is the message of the cartoon? How do words and
images combine to convey that message?
• In what kind of publication (for example, a newspaper or
a magazine) did it originally appear? Did that publication
have a particular agenda or mission?
• When did the cartoon appear? How might its historical
context be significant?
For maps
• What kind of map is this (for example, topographical,
political, or military)?
• Where and when was the map made? What was its
intended purpose?
• Does the map contain any extraneous text or images? If
so, what do they add to our understanding of the map

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