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26 Temmuz 2017 Çarşamba

Divan-e-Hafez with English translation

Divan-e-Hafez with English translation

"For God’s sake. O pious ones! forth from the hand, goeth my heart. For God’s sake:
O the pain that the hidden mystery should be disclosed.
We are boat-stranded ones! O fair breeze! arise:
It may be that, again, we may behold the face of the Beloved.
For the space of ten days, the sphere’s favor is magic and sorcery:
O friend! regard as booty, goodness in friends.
Last night in the assembly of the rose and of wine, the bulbul sweetly sang:
O Saki! give wine: O intoxicated ones! come to life!
O generous one! in thanks for thy own safety
One day, make inquiry of the welfare of the foodless darvish.
The ease of two worlds is the explanation of these two words:
With friends, kindness; with enemies, courtesy.
In the street of good name, they gave us no admission:
If thou approve not, change our Fate.
That bitter wine, which the Sufi called “The mother of iniquities,”
To us, is more pleasant and more sweet than the kisses of virgins.
In the time of straitedness, strive in pleasure and in intoxication:
For, this elixir of existence maketh the beggar Karun.
Don’t rebel, due to defiance thou burnt like candle
Darling in whose hands granite is like wax soft
The cup of wine is Sikandar’s mirror. Behold
So that it may show thee the state of Dara’s kingdom.
Life-givers, are the lovely ones, Persian-prattling:
O Saki! this news, give to the old men of Fars.
Of himself, Hafez put not on this patched, wine-stained garment
O Shaikh, pure of sins! hold us excused."

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