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18 Nisan 2017 Salı

Joanne Suter Vocabulary Media and Marketplace Words

Joanne Suter  Vocabulary

 Media and Marketplace Words

(Vocabulary in Context)-Saddleback Educational Publishing, Inc.

"Write a letter to match each of the ten challenge words with its definition. If you need
help, check a dictionary.

1. _____ gazette
2. _____ strategy
3. _____ tedious
4. _____ erroneous
5. _____ substantiate
6. _____ defective
7. _____ authoritative
8. _____ infer
9. _____ fraud
10. _____ entice

a. to tempt by offering something
b. not correct, wrong
c. having an imperfection or fault
d. the act of cheating, tricking, or lying;
or, someone who cheats and lies
e. a newspaper
f. to come to a conclusion or opinion
by reasoning
g. coming from an authority or expert
h. a plan or scheme
i. to prove to be real or true
j. long and boring"

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