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4 Nisan 2017 Salı

The Everything Learning Spanish Book İspanyolca

The Everything Learning Spanish Book  İspanyolca

"–ario/-aria (pert aining t o t he subject ; relat ing t o an act or t hing; similar t o English “–ary”)
millonario millionaire millón (million)
voluntario voluntary voluntad (free will)
–ncia (relat ing t o an act or st at e; result of an act ion; abst ract ion; similar t o English “–nce” and “–ncy”)
abstinencia abstinence abstener (abstain)
elegancia elegance elegante (elegant)
insistencia insistence insistir (to insist)
–dad (relat ing t o an abst ract ion and a st at e of being; similar t o English “–t y,” “–ness,” and “–hood”)
brevedad brevity breve (brief )
claridad clarity claro (clear, light)
enfermedad sickness, disease enfermo (sick)
–ismo (pert aining t o an act ion or pract ice; st at e or condit ion; principles similar t o “–ism”)
atletismo athleticism atleta (athlete)
idealismo idealism idea (idea)
–mente (pert aining t o t he manner, t he t iming, and t he place of an act ion; similar t o “–ly”)
afortunadamente fortunately fortuna (fortune)
relativamente relatively relacionar (to relate)"

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