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4 Nisan 2017 Salı

Udemy Quick Spanish Start Speaking Today İspanyolca

Udemy   Quick Spanish   Start Speaking Today İspanyolca

"To say "I need" something, you can say
 .  For instance, if I need one hundred pesos, I can say:

  Necesito cien pesos.

 Of course, money is not  the only thing you might need.  Here are some other things that you might need:

 un taxi - a taxi
  ayuda - help
   agua - water

 When talking about exchanging money, it is also important to know the verb
 , which means "to change" or "to exchange."  We can combine
 to say, "I need to exchange..."  Consider the following examples:

 I need to exchange two hundred dollars. = Necesito cambiar doscientos dólares.

 I need to exchange thirty dollars. = Necesito cambiar treinta dólares.

 Of course, exchanging money is not the only thing you might need to do.  Here are some other things you might need to do, each of which can be used after

 encontrar la parada - to find the bus stop

 ir al aeropuerto - to go to the airport

 ir al mercado - to go to the market

 ir al doctor - to go to the doctor

 encontrar a mi amigo - to find my friend

 comprar recuerdos - to buy souvenirs

 comer - to eat

 llamar un taxi - to call a taxi

 hacer una llamada - to make a call

 salir - to leave

 volver al hotel - to return to the hotel

 Therefore, you can make sentences like these:

 I need to make a phone call. = Necesito hacer una llamada.

 I need to go to the doctor. = Necesito ir al doctor."

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