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27 Nisan 2017 Perşembe

Learn German with Stories_ Karn - Andre Klein

Learn German with Stories_ Karn - Andre Klein   Almanca

Before we start, we should acknowledge that there
will be many unknown words in the following stories
and that there are, in fact, various ways to deal with
this very common problem for language learners of
all ages and stages.
1. If you want to get the most out these stories,
you’ll have to establish some kind of Lesefluss (reading
flow). You might be reading quickly or slowly, it
doesn’t matter — as long as you keep on reading and
allow context and continuity to clear your questions.
2. Furthermore, important or difficult words (and
short phrases) are appended to each chapter with an
English translation for quick look-ups.
3. If you’re reading this book on an e-reader or
tablet, you can get instant translations by
clicking/tapping on the word. To find out if your
device supports this feature and how to enable it,
please consult your manual or customer support.


"1. Wo befindet sich die Villa?
a) in einem billigen Stadtteil
b) in einem zentralen Stadtteil
c) in einem teuren Stadtteil
2. Frau von Gantenberg trug …
a) ein lila Kleid und einen roten Schal.
b) ein rotes Kleid und einen lila Schal.
c) ein grünes Kleid und einen gelben Schal."

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