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8 Nisan 2014 Salı

Tongue Twisters


1. Once a feller met a feller in a field of

fitches, Said a feller to a feller, 'Can a

feller tell a feller, Where a feller itches?'

2. We eat what we can and what we can't,

we can.

3. Benny Butler bought bitter butter in a

brass bell but broke it.

4. Good, better, best, Never let it rest, Till

your good is better, and your better


5. The Sunday school sings spiritual songs


6. Tommy Tickle tickled his teacher. Where

did Tommy Tickle's teacher tickle


7. I was barbarously barbarized by the barbarity

of a barbarian barber in a barber's

barbarizing shop.

8. Mr. Mrs. Master and Miss Moth met Miss,

Master, Mrs. and Mr. Moss.

9. Seven shaggy sheepdogs shook sand


10. I can't can a can without a can; can you

can a can without a can?

11. Tiny Tommy Tortoise talked to Tessie

Turtle on the telephone ten times today.

12. Fiona felt the French film was fatuous

and flashy.

13. Six silly sisters sell silk to six sickly senior


14. The rat-catchers can't catch caught rats.

15. Nina needs nine knitting needles to knit

naughty Nita's knickers nicely.

16. Six Swiss ships swiftly shift.

17. Dauntless Doris Davis does a dozen daring

dives daily.

18. The short sort shoots straight through.

19. Pretty Pamela Parker picked pink petunia


20. She stops at the shops where I shop,

and if she shops at the shops where I

shop I won't stop at the shop where she


21. The tiresome wireless man's fireless,

whilst the fireless wireless man's tireless.

22. You can have- fried fresh fish, fish fried

fresh, fresh fried fish, fresh fish fried, or

fish fresh fried.

23. I saw Esau beating Kate, I saw Esau, he

saw me. And she saw I saw Esau.

24. Our great-grand-gran is a greater greatgrand-

gran than your great-grand-gran


25. My wife gave Mr. Snipe's wife a swipe.

26. The school coal in the school coal scuttle

was scattered by a cool scholar.

27. Swedish sword swallowers shift short

swords swiftly.


28. Fearless Frank flew fast flights to


29. Malaria is a malady many men meet

when meeting mosquitoes in Malaysia.

30. Florence Freeman fell forward and

frightened her father frightfully.

31. Billy's big blue badly bleeding blister.

32. Beautiful babbling brooks bubble

between blossoming banks.

33. Nice nieces nestle nicely in Nice.

34. Hungry Henry Hobson hurries home.

35. 'Please cook crooked crabs, Cook.'

36. Billy Bolton buttoned his bright brown

boots and blue coat before breakfast


37. Nobby knew Noddy better than Noddy

knew Nobby.

38. Swim, Sam, swim, show them you're a


39. Six sharp sharks are out to take your

liver, So swim, Sam, swim!

40. 'Night, night, Knight,' said one Knight to

the other Knight the other night. 'Night,

night, Knight.'

41. The cat-catchers can't catch caught cats.

42. If I can't have a proper cup of coffee, In

a proper copper coffee pot, I'll have a

cup of tea!

43. Once I heard a mother utter, 'Daughter,

go and shut the shutter.' 'Shutter's shut,'

the daughter uttered, 'For I can't shut it

any shutter

44. 'Walter, get water from the waiter!'

45. Who will wet the whetstone while Willy

whistles wistfully?

46. Our black bull bled black blood on our

blackthorn flower.

47. Swift Sam Smith and Shifty Sidney

Smithers shouldn't send silly signals.

48. Bring back bright brand-new British

brushes from breezy Bridlington.

49. If one doctor doctors another doctor,

does the doctor who doctors the doctor

doctor the doctor the way the doctor he

is doctoring doctors? Or does he doctor

the doctor the way the doctor who doctors


50. I see seven seagulls soaring southwards


51. The heir's hair gets into the heir's ear


52. If neither he sells seashells, nor she sells

seashells, who shall sell seashells? Shall

seashells be sold?

53. Mrs. Mixer mixes mixes in the mixer.

54. I 'd rather lather father than father lather

me. When father lathers the lathers

rather free.

55. Do breath tests test breath? Yes, that's

the best of a breath test. So the best

breath stands the breath test best!

56. The busy bee buzzed busily around the

busy beehive.

57. If a hair net could net hair, how much

hair could a hair net net, If that hair net

could net hair?

58. Of all the felt I ever felt I never felt a

piece of felt that felt the same as that

felt felt when I first felt that felt.

59. Oswald Whittle's whistle out whistles all

other whistler's whistles in


60. 'Whose shoe?' sighed Sue. 'My shoe,'

lied Lou. 'Here's your shoe Lou,' cried

Sue. 'Shucks, Sue, thank you,' Lou

sighed. 'My shoe,' cried Blue, 'I'll sue

Lou and Sue!'


61. Tonight is a light night, so you mustn't

light a night light on a light night like


62. Can clever cooks cook clocks, or should

cooks not cook clocks?

63. Fancy Nancy didn't fancy doing fancy

work. But Fancy Nancy's fancy aunty did

fancy Fancy Nancy doing fancy work!

64. The new nuns knew the true nuns knew

the new nuns too.

65. Mumbling bumblings. Bumbling mumblings.

66. Swan, swim over the sea. Swim, swan,

swim! Swan, swim back again! Well

swum, swan.

67. I see seven seagulls soaring southwards


68. A lively young fisher named Fischer.

Fished for fish from the edge of a fissure.

A fish with a grin Pulled the fisherman

in! Now they're fishing the fissure

For Fischer.

69. We surely shall see the sun shine soon.

70. Weak writers want white ruled writing


71. Tommy Tye tried to tie his tie, But tugging

too tight tore his tie.

72. A selfish shellfish smelt a stale fish. If

the stale fish was a smelt then the selfish

shellfish smelt a smelt.

73. Did Diddy David dawdle down the dale,

or did Dale dawdle down to Diddy


74. High roller. Low roller. Lower a roller.

75. Twenty tinkers took two hundred tintacks

to Toy Town.

76. If the sleeper in a sleeper sleeps, does

the sleeper not in the sleeper on the

sleeper sleep?

77. Let us go together to gather lettuce,

whether the weather will let us or no.

78. Kimbo Kemble kicked his kinsman's kettle.

Did Kimbo Kemble kick his kinsman's

kettle? If Kimbo Kemble kicked his kinsman's

kettle, Where's the kinsman's kettle

Kimbo Kemble kicked?

79. Stop Chop Shops selling Chop Shop


80. The owner of the Inside Inn was outside

his Inside Inn, with his inside outside his

Inside Inn.

81. I do like cheap sea trips, cheap sea trips

on ships.

82. Farmer Fresshitt's fresh farm eggs fry

furiously in Farmer Fresshitt's frying


83. Double bubble gum bubbles double!

84. Crazy cooks cut chunky chips for cheeky


85. If one doctor doctors another doctor,

does the doctor who doctors the doctor

doctor the doctor the way the doctor he

is doctoring doctors? Or does he doctor

the doctor the way the doctor who doctors


86. Shall Sheila show several sailors sheets

that she has sewn?

87. Will Winnie wander with Will, or will Will

wander with Winnie? We wonder.

88. Seven Severn salmon swallowing seven

Severn shrimps.

89. Wood said he would carry the wood

through the wood. And if Wood said he

would Wood would.

90. King Kong went to Hong Kong to play

ping-pong and have a sing-song and

then died.

91. Red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry, yellow


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